Knowledge is not power, it is potential. How you choose to employ that knowledge will determine how powerful you are.
— George-Anthony Dulal-Whiteway, Founder of Brainstorm Fitness




  • Challenging, FUN, informative classes: There is no "auto-pilot" with us. Every group workout will be scaled based on the each client's ability levels, with appropriate changes made in order for every participant to get the most out of every single workout.

  • Brilliance in the basics: We also have movement and exercise specific classes, to teach and improve basic movement patterns; Push, Pull, Squat, Stand, etc.

  • Kickboxing/Boxing/Muay Thai: No Tae-Bo, no run-of-the-mill cardio-kickboxing, no intimidation of traditional fight gyms. Learn proper technique while getting an amazing workout



  • Unique to you, unique for all: This option allows us to provide the most personalized programming to meet your needs, in a small group setting. With no more than 6 persons partaking in a session at one time, you benefit from the attention of one of our coaches that will meet your needs, and the ability to maximize time, efficiency, and value.



  • In-depth physical screening: Detailed analysis of your posture and movement patterns in order to develop the most effective, efficient programming,

  • Multiple program options: Helping you establish, sustainable, measurable results.

  • Lifestyle analysis: Not only helping with fitness and training, but simple lifestyle changes that will better ensure your success and benefits from our programming.

  • Multiple package options: Training frequency and budgets will vary from person to person. We can set up the best schedule for you to achieve your desired results, as well as financial affordability.



  • Never swung a punch?: Our coaches have decades of experience coaching from the youngest of fighters, to self defense to professional fighters who have competed from The Ultimate Fighter to Glory Kickboxing champions.

  • Confidence Builder: The psychological effect of martial arts training has centuries of supporting evidence regardless of age or experience, instilling discipline, confidence, and self-worth.

Hours of Operation - Click the link above for class times. 1-1 Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, and Boxing/Kickboxing/Muay Thai sessions are all by appointment only.

  • Monday - Friday (5am - 9pm)

  • Saturday (7am - 8pm)

  • Sunday (8am - 6pm)