About Us


Whether you’re looking to LOSE WEIGHT, BUILD MUSCLE, MITIGATE PAIN, or IMPROVE POSTURE, Brainstorm Fitness is a great fit for you! We are not a CrossFit gym, although we do love strength training and metabolic conditioning. We ARE a FUNCTIONAL TRAINING STUDIO that specializes in MOVEMENT IMPROVEMENT, and do so with the utmost care for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness via Group Classes, Small Group Training, and 1 on 1 Personal Training.

Brainstorm Fitness has also collaborated with Function First, a multiple award winner for Best Fitness Studio in San Diego, and world renowned for corrective exercise, pain-free movement and pain mitigation.

Function First Pain-Free Movement Specialists Provide Non-Invasive Pain Relief for Chronic Back, Neck and Joint Pain

Function First is internationally recognized as leaders in an exercise and pain-science based approach to overcoming chronic pain.  By providing you with highly personalized corrective exercises to address movement related stresses and empowering educational tools, a pain-free life is possible.  These simple exercises can be done at home and without the need for any special equipment or “hands-on” help from anyone else.  This is truly how you will change how your body and brain get you back to the life you deserve.